Night watchman tour

This exciting city tour with depth, attention to detail and entertaining stories takes you to the Middle Ages of the city of Krems. What were the tasks of the citizens in medieval Krems? What other guilds existed besides the Weinhauer guild and why did the "pretty women" have to get out of town on the weekend? Join us on the way through the fabled past of the city of Krems!

Begin: 8 pm
Duration: 1.5 hours
Price: € 10.- per person, payable on site
Max. number of participants: 25 people, no groups (groups can only be booked individually)
Meeting point Krems: Steiner Tor, Südtiroler Platz 
Meeting point Stein: Brauchtu(r)m im Kremser Tor, Steiner Landstraße 51
Registration: Wachau Info Center Krems
                     02732/82676 oder
Dates Krems: 7. April (7pm), 5. May (8pm), 2. & 30. June (8pm), 28. July (8pm), 25. August (8pm), 22. September (8pm), 20. October (7pm)
Dates Stein: 21. April (7pm), 19. May (8pm), 16. June (8pm), 14. July (8pm), 11. August (8pm), 8. September (8pm), 6. October (7pm)