Watchman walks trough the medeival Krems with small snack

This exciting city tour with depth, attention to detail and entertaining stories, will take you into the Middle Ages of the city of Krems.

What were the duties of the citizens in the medieval Krems, which guilds except the wine guild  were there and why had the "Hübschlerinnen" weekend out of town? You might also get a typical watchman song sung and enjoy a meal, all in the history of the city! Join us on the way through the fabled past of the city of Krems!

Duration of the tour: about 1.5 hours
Price for groups up to 30 pax € 120, - Package
Languages: German and others on request
Available all year round
Bus drivers and tour guides free of charge!


Additional services:
"Greetings from the Kremser Watchman" € 2, - per person for 1 glass "B'soffene Marille schnaps" during the tour.
Small dish at the restaurant EGGER'S € 7.70 per person (Goulash soup in a terrine with 1 roll and a small glas of Egger beer)