Apricot adventure trail Krems-Angern

Look, marvel, hear, smell, taste.

Experience the world of the original Wachau apricot!

The Original Wachau Apricot is a special fruit with a unique aroma. In the Wachau and its surrounding are bear ideal conditions that the sensitive fruit need for growing and maturing. The Wachau apricot tree may not be restricted. Here the trees can grow to the sky and thrive.

The Wachau apricot adventure trail leads you through the picturesque wine landes and old apricot gardens of the noble fruit! Five stations invite you to learn more about the animals, blossom and work done in the apricot garden.

There are plenty of wild flowers and herbs growing between fields, on hedges and paths aswell as in the middle of the gardens. Wildlife is abundant for those who want to observe the numerous species. From insects, spiders and birds like the pheasant to small mammals such as the very special ground squirrel, rabbits and deer. Even rare reptiles such as fire salamanders or emerald lizards. ... anyone with a little ease and patience will meet these all these exciting creatures!

The 4.5 kilometer circular route begins and ends at the Weinhof Aufreiter, where numerous delicious apricot souvenirs are available in the farm shop. To enjoy all sorts of delicacies surrounding the Wachau apricot, visit the Wachau apricot distillery and taste our delightful products!

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Telephone +43 2739 2205

Apricot adventure trail Krems-Angern