Frauenberg Church

Frauenberg church - memorial to the fallen from both world wars

A steep staircase leads from the east side of the parish church of St. Nicholas to the former Frauenberg church. There was an early church settlement here, which extended around the Michaelskirche (first mentioned in 1081), tracing back to the 11th century. During excavations in the course of the restoration, the remains of the Romanesque altar foundation and a Roman floor were discovered.

The existing Gothic hall church was built around 1380 and first mentioned in 1401. It has a large square tower with a domed roof hood, visible from afar, which the population calls "old Michel". On the top floor of the tower is the apartment of the fire guard, who served until 1970. The fireplace and the balcony of this apartment can still be seen. The slightly wider and lower nave is attached to the tower to the east. On the north wall there are remains of a late medieval depiction of the adoration of the Magi.

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Frauenberg church