Piarist Church Krems

The Piarist Church Krems in Krems on the Danube, likewise Kremser Frauenbergkirche, is the oldest church in the city. The Roman Catholic Church was possibly St. Stephanus, the patron saint of the diocese of Passau.

The late Gothic hall church is stylistically related to the Wiener Dombauhütte and is therefore also called the "little sister" of St. Stephen's Cathedral in Vienna. Inside, the steeply towering Gothic church impresses with richly profiled pillars, services, capitals and many other handcrafted highlights of Gothic architecture. The baroque high altar was designed by Joseph Maria Götz. The altarpiece is by Martin Johann Schmidt. It is labeled 1756 and shows the Ascension of Mary.

The watchtower in the east has been owned by the city since 1616, was the seat of the city tower and was only inhabited until a few decades ago. Opposite the church portal is the covered Piarist staircase, which leads to the parish square, was completely renovated in 2004.

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Mr. Pater Patrick Schöder
Piaristengasse 1
3500 Krems an der Donau
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