Steiner Tor

The Steiner Tor is the symbol of Krems and the only surviving of the four former city gates. The main tower from the late 15th century bears a number of inscriptions on the outside, including the AEIOU motto (“Alles Erdreich ist Österreich untertan”=All soil is subject to Austria) in memory of Frederick III. Three coat of arms from 1756 adorn the city entrance. On the left that awarded by Emperor Friedrich III. and still valid today, which shows the crowned double-headed eagle on a black background. On the right is the coat of arms of Ladislaus Posthumus and in the middle is the coat of arms of Maria Theresa.

The installation in the base area by Leo Zogmeyer includes metal cubes with proclamations that remind everyone of the persecution and death of the Jewish fellow citizens in Krems after 1938. The Outside of the Steinertor the area was originally endangered by Danube floods. The demolition of the city walls, which also formed the flood protection, was only possible through the regulation of the river in the 19th century and extensive dam construction south of the old town of Krems as accompanying measures for the construction of the Wachau Railway in the early 20th century. A memorial stone on the inside of the stone gate commemorates a flood disaster that occurred in 1573 when an ice surge flooded the country road.

Behind the Steiner Tor is where the Upper Landstrasse, the pedestrian zone of Krems begin. The pedestrian zone of Kremsn, which, together with the Lower Landstrasse, has been the main axis of the old town of Krems since the Middle Ages and leads to the Vienna Bridge at a length of around 700 m.

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