The Farmers Market Krems

From now on, the Pfarrplatz is transformed into the culinary treasure trove of the Wachau every Saturday. The Krems pleasure market invites you to discover, enjoy and linger.

Every Saturday around 50 producers from Krems and the surrounding area present their exquisite specialties. Here Krems will stay true to its name as one of the largest wine towns in Austria and a place of pure enjoyment. From regional vegetables and fruit to hand-made noodles and dumplings, Kamptaler organic pesto, fish and meat, cheese specialties and organic bread, the Farmers Market Krems makes every market lover’s heart beat faster.

The Farmers Market takes place at the Kremser Pfarrplatz, where history meets Wachau flair.

Winegrowers of the month present their fine wines, while classics such as meat loaf and sausages with Kremser mustard and Wachauer Laberl can be enjoyed.

The Farmers Market Krems is the modern, traditional specialty market where culinary pleasure is part of the program. The great variety is complemented by creative craftsmen selling regional handicraft and souvenirs.

The market takes place every Saturday from 7 am to 12 noon.