Dominican Church & museumkrems

Dominican church

In the 18th century, the church was baroque. Fragments of ceiling paintings have been preserved from this phase, the Assumption of the Virgin Mary is attributed to Martin Johann Schmidt (Kremser Schmidt).

In 1784, Emperor Joseph II dissolved the monastery. The church was desecrated and subsequently served as a button factory, granary, theater, cinema and fire department depot. In 1891, a false ceiling was installed and a museum room was created. Apartments and workshops were housed in the monastery.

The complex was extensively restored in 1961 and has since been used as the Krems City Museum (Weinstadtmuseum). Visitors enter the museum through a medieval monastery gate. Late Gothic sculptures, panels, drawings and paintings by Martin Johann Schmidt and a folkloric collection focused on viticulture are displayed.

Since 2011/2012, the church has served as the state gallery for contemporary art for temporary exhibitions in summer. Since 2017, the church has been used for exhibitions at the Kunsthalle Krems in the summer and for a variety of other events in the rest of the year.


In the heart of the old town of Krems on the Danube lies the museumkrems - in the listed ambience of a former Dominican monastery from the 13th century. The museum not only includes the baroque courtyard and the religious church, but also a historic wine cellar.

The history and culture of this Danube city are shown in a permanent exhibition - consisting of extensive city and private collections. Changing special exhibitions invite you to new discoveries. "Life with the stream" is presented with selected exhibits and archaeological finds. The economic, artistic and social importance of the city is vividly traced since the Middle Ages. The baroque painter Martin Johann Schmidt from Krems is of particular importance. The “Kremser Pfennig” - the oldest coin in Austria, which can also be admired live.

Exciting contemporary art is exhibited in the library gallery and the Modern Gallery like the former sleeping quarters of the monks.

Enjoyment in the museum: Krems mustard & top wines

In the museumkrems, great attention is also paid to the two culinary specialties of Krems: Mustard and wine. The museum - in cooperation with the landlady Ulli Amon-Jell - deals with the famous Krems mustard. Visitors learn secrets and information about the production and recipe of the worldwide known specialty.

The winegrowing and international triumph of Krems wine is also illuminated.

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Dominican Church & museumkrems