In the vineyard surrounded by grapevines, the chirp of crickets, the smell of wine, snacks, away from the hustle and bustle - Heuriger time! Krems offers so many Heurigers where you can linger, enjoy and just unwind. Top off your visit to the typical Heuriger with a glass of fine wine.

The Heuriger culture in Lower Austria is very special and has a tradition spanning several centuries.

The term "Heuriger" refers to both the young wine and locality, often called Buschenschank. A Heuriger is a cozy, often family-run, wine bar with cold dishes. The dishes include spreads, lettuce, sandwiches as well as cold cut plates and much more.

You can tell whether a Heuriger is "unplugged" (i.e. whether a Heuriger has opened) as follows:

Oftentimes there is an artistically decorated "bush" (straw star, twigs, etc.) at the entrance, which is also sometimes illuminated with a lamp for better visibility in the dark.

That and a cheerful chatter of voices from the garden and restaurant that tell you: come in, we are open! Unplugged!

However, most Heurigers  aren't open all year round, rather on a weekly or monthly basis!

Here's the Heurigen calendar www.krems.info/en/