The Chapel of St. Willibrord

The small Chapel of St. Willibrord is found at Döllingerpark 1. It was built in 1671 on behalf of Ferdinand Werndl, a Krems councilman and merchant, as the church of the cemetery which was found there. The cemetery itself existed until 1903. Then it was closed down, the corpses were reburied at the new town cemetery.

Coming back to the chapel: it was used as a flat until the middle of the 20th century. Then it was sold to the Old Catholic Church Krems – St. Pölten. Today, it is dedicated to St. Willibrord, an Anglo-Saxon missionary, who lived in the 7th and 8th century and is highly venerated in the Old Catholic Church. He founded the Abbey of Echternach in Luxembourg, became the first bishop of Utrecht and is also known as the „Apostle of the Frisians“.

The address of the chapel is Döllingerpark 1, which refers to Ignaz Döllinger (1799 – 1890): he was a church historian and theologian, who became one of the main intellectual forerunners for the development of the Old Catholic Curch.