The Fellnerhof

The so-called Fellnerhof (Obere Landstraße 10) is a quite noteworthy building alongside the Landstraße in Krems. From the year 1611 on, it was built by Theobald Müllner, mayor, municipal judge and successful merchant. He aimed for a representative, ornate edifice which expressed his social status and wealth. The presumed builder was Johann Baptist Spazio from Italy. With the Fellnerhof he showed his big talent and hence was engaged for assisting in the construction of the new parish church of Krems, St. Vitus.

The name „Fellnerhof“ goes back to a former owner of the building. Literally translated, it means „the Fellner’s court“. It offers a lovely inner courtyard which you can visit while strolling thorugh the old town centre of Krems.