The diversity everywhere

Though he geology of the Krems Valley cannot be classified quite as clearly. Firstly, because there are natural transitions between primary rock and loess, like on the Kreuzberg. Secondly, because some sections and layers of the Krems Valley are characterized by a veritable mix of loess and primary rock. Such conglomerate soils can be found both on the southern bank of the Danube and on the northern bank, for example on Gedersdorfer Wieland or Kremser Gebling. And third, because besides loess and primary rock, there are also other soils. For example, the loess layers near river banks are sometimes covered by gravel deposits. Or in some locations on the right bank of the Danube around Palt and Oberfucha. Interestingly also in the middle of the transition from the - more or less heavy loess and loam soils - plateau from Stratzing and Gneixendorf to the Kremstal, i.e. in small locations such as Gärtling, Kiesling or Sunoggle.